Our Story

Rusted Wave is a family-owned record label and merch company located in Upstate New York's Tech Valley region. Owned and operated by recovering lawyer Jake Lamme and his wife, Mylene, Rusted Wave's mission is to produce high quality vinyl records and merch from their favorite cult classic entertainment properties.

Founded in 2014, Rusted Wave's origins can be traced back to 2002 when Jake fell in love with widely-panned film called Wet Hot American Summer.  Unable to find a Wet Hot t-shirt for sale anywhere, he tracked down Wet Hot's producer and struck a deal to produce officially licensed t-shirts.  With a very limited print run of shirts, Rusted Wave (then called Sidekick Creations) launched, and the rest is history.  

In 2014, Jake reconnected with the producer, renewed the license, and officially launched Rusted Wave to cater to the Wet Hot masses since the world had finally woken up and placed the movie on the Mt. Rushmore of comedies where it belongs!

Rusted Wave quickly pivoted from t-shirts to vinyl when it released a 7" inch single from Craig Wedren and Theodore Shapiro featuring "Higher and Higher" from Wet Hot. With support from fans across the world, and our friends at Mondo, the record was a hit. 

Since then, Rusted Wave has expanded into producing deluxe vinyl releases of their favorite soundtracks, including Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Young Guns, Young Guns II, Grease 2, and Crawl.  Rusted Wave also works with major artists releasing and distributing their music on digital and vinyl platforms, including Foo Fighters guitarist Chris ShiflettChantal Claret and Craig Wedren.  

Thank you for supporting Rusted Wave so that we can continue supporting musicians and artists that spread fun and joy throughout the world!  God knows we all need more of that...

"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams." - Willy Wonka