Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (OST) LP

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (OST) LP

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (OST), originally released by A&M Records in 1989, is being re-released on vinyl with a limited pressing by Rusted Wave and Mondo! Standard black, first pressing limited to 500 copies.

Special packing includes holographic Wyld Stallyns jacket printed on 18-point silver board, Circuits of Time directory inner sleeve and insert! The most non-heinous artwork by Matty Ryan Tobin.

Jump in the phone booth and travel through time on a musical adventure with 10 of the most triumphant hard rock 80’s glam tracks in history!


1. Play With Me - Extreme
2. The Boys And The Girls Are Doing It - Vital Signs
3. Not So Far Away - Glen Burtnick
4. Dancing With A Gypsy - Tora Tora
5. Father Time - Shark Island
6. I Can’t Break Away - Big Pig
7. Dangerous - Shark Island
8. Walk Away - Bricklin
9. In Time - Robbie Robb
10. Two Heads Are Better Than One - Power Tool